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Internet police force: InternetPol

Date: November 09, 2007

The Government is considering setting up a new national police unit to tackle online crime, just two years after the National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU) was disbanded.

The move has come as part of the Government's response to the House of Lords Science &Technology Committee's report into personal Internet safety.

The NHTCU was merged into the Serious &Organised Crime Agency, but critics feel this has led to a loss of focus on computer crime, which is growing more than any other offence.

In response to the report, the Government says it will "consider the proposals to create a law enforcement unit to tackle crimes involving computers". This will be done in conjunction with proposals for the development of the National Fraud Reporting Centre, and with regard to the needs of other agencies.

At present, online crime is dealt with by local forces except where it is deemed to be serious or organised crime. Critics say local forces have neither the expertise nor resources to deal with computer crime and the technical issues it presents.
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