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Cellular viruses

Date: November 09, 2007

We all know someone who’s had a computer virus or you’ve been lucky enough to get one on your own machine. It’s never a good thing, and on the other end of it is most likely a teenage computer geek who spent a few hundred too many hours playing Dungeons &Dragons.

Viruses that attack your computer can do anything from nothing, to key-logging everything you type, such as username password combos to bank accounts and SSN’s. Imagine that in a smaller package on a device that’s in your pocket or purse all hours of the day.

Cell phone viruses haven’t been a huge problem since the first was released in 2004, however with the rise of Pocket PC and Bluetooth enabled phones, the clock is ticking.

Similar to computer viruses, most are brought in to your device via a message or a download, however almost all newer cells have Bluetooth connections that can make your phone vulnerable anytime you’re within range of another Bluetooth enabled phone.
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