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2006-11-10 04:39:08 -
My concern with the legislative efforts commendably initiated by MR Udotai to prosecute Cybercrime is that it is taking so long to become law so much so that by the time it comes on board, technology has left it behind.Again there is a real problem that has to do with capacity building.How a security officer who cannot differientiate a gigabyte from a 'cigerbyte' would investigate cybercrime beats me hollow.
We need competent hand at the investigating level in the prosecution section and at the bench.Unfortunately they are very few of them around and they are hardly used anyway.
Nigeria may consider seting up a purpose-driven tribunal to tackle cybercrime prosecution and possibly hire private investigators to investigate cybercrime rather than relying on conventional police men who merely raid cybercafes on Fridays to make money for the weekend.
Of course can Nigerian stakeholders including the Government fund anti-cybercrime measures.It is not cheap talk to fight cybercrime.It is hard work, alertness, competence, passion, fund guzzling.

Total 1 comments
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