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Police dealing with cybercrime

Date: October 09, 2006

While most local police departments are dealing with reports of cyber crimes, the vast majority say they lack money and training needed to combat it, according to a newly released survey.

Cyber threats and crimes against children, identity theft and a variety of cyber attacks on businesses and individuals are on the rise nationwide. A survey conducted in 2005 by the FBI Pittsburgh Office and Duquesne University found that 77 percent of local police departments receive complaints about cyber crime and 89 percent of departments surveyed say they lack the money and necessary training to respond effectively. Only 13 percent of departments were able to spend more than $500 on cyber crime training in the last year.

The survey, released last week, was distributed to 697 federal, state and local law enforcement entities in West Virginia and in 25 Pennsylvania counties, including Allegheny and surrounding counties; 283 of them (40 percent) responded.

Given the need for training demonstrated by the survey, Duquesne and the FBI would like to get state and federal money to set up an online program to train local police departments to deal with cyber crime, said Kenneth Saban, an associate professor of marketing at Duquesne, who helped draft the survey, analyze the results and develop the report.
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