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Windows safer, Microsoft

Date: October 09, 2005
By: Georgina Prodhan

Microsoft Corp. launched a trust-building initiative on Thursday designed to show its commitment and progress to date in making its frequently attacked Windows computer operating system more secure from hackers.

Microsoft, which is moving increasingly into the territory of specialist security software companies such as McAfee Inc. and Symantec Corp., said it planned a string of product launches designed to combat cybercrime.

The world's biggest software company said it planned to release a preliminary, or beta, version by the end of this year of new software to protect corporate computers running Windows against viruses, worms and other attacks.

"It's a unified product. You don't have to pick whose anti-virus solution you think is the best," Chief Executive Steve Ballmer told a news conference in Munich. "The threats we see do need more than secure software."

Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft, which already offers security software for networked server computers and desktops, said the new software, called Client Protection, would be aimed at large companies.

It will offer tools for system administrators to keep users' computers from being infected by viruses and other malicious software and would be integrated with Microsoft's technology used to track user accounts and logons.

But Mike Nash, Microsoft's vice president for security technology, said the new software would not eliminate the need for other security products.

"Does it mean that we're going to solve all problems immediately? No," he told Reuters in an interview. "There are customers that will choose to use competitors' products."

Microsoft currently offers server-based security software to protect corporate networks from hackers and is testing an anti-virus and security software service called Windows OneCare.

The company also said it had set up an alliance of 30 firms including Symantec and VeriSign to work on security products for the Microsoft platform, uniting and expanding on previous partnerships.
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