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Virus writers in jail

Date: October 09, 2005
Source: PC Pro

Two 20-year-olds from the UK have been sentenced to prison terms for their part in a virus-writing gang.

Jordan Bradley, 22, and Andrew Harvey, 23, were members of a group named the 'THr34t Krew' responsible for writing the TK worm which caused 'unquantifiable' damage to computers across the globe. They were gaoled for three and six months respectively at Newcastle Crown Court today.

The TK worm was a self-replicating worm that left back doors open on infected computers through which the gang could send commands and use the system to scan other computers for vulnerabilities and launch denial of service attacks.

Detective Superintendent, Mick Deats, Deputy Head of the NHTCU,

National Hi-Tech Crime Unit) said: 'Over the past year, the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit has seen a sustained increase in the professionalism of cybercriminals. Companies are taking the brunt of their attempts to steal money and data, but consumers are also being hit.
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