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Date: August 09, 2007

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) recently announced the availability of My Internet Protect, a security knowledge mining, alerting and notification service for identified threats that enter a customer's network. The newest option in the AT&T Internet Protect(R) service family, My Internet Protect provides enterprise businesses with the ability to analyze and benchmark Internet traffic on their own network.

As networks are becoming more complex, vulnerable targets and applications are susceptible to security breaches. My Internet Protect is designed to look for traffic anomalies, based on the customer established base profile that are related to potential security threats targeted at private network IP addresses owned by the customer. My Internet Protect is available to AT&T Internet Protect customers who subscribe to AT&T's Managed Internet Service (MIS) or Global Managed Internet Service (GMIS), and does not require additional hardware or software to be installed at the customer's location.
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