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First cybercrime case for 2008 filed at DoJ

Date: July 09, 2008
By: Erwin Oliva

MANILA, Philippines -- The first cybercrime case for this year was filed with the Department of Justice Task Force on Cybercrime.

The cybercrime involves a former employee of a local manufacturing company accused of stealing company secrets, according to a copy of the complaint shown to

A hacking case was filed against Roschelle Claro, former head of quality control department of Vibelle Manufacturing Corp. (VMC), the case filed by the National Bureau of Investigation Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division (NBI-AFCCD).

Hacking is a punishable offense under section 33a of Republic Act 8792.

Claro also faces other charges for violating laws on qualified theft, libel and revelation of secrets, which is an offense under article 292 of the Revised Penal Code.

The case is now under preliminary investigation following the filing of the investigators from the NBI-AFCCD.

Claro is accused of stealing company secrets from VMC using a universal serial bus thumb drive, which was used to copy proprietary company information.

The crime was committed sometime in February 2008.

The Department of Justice and the Commission on Information and Communications Technology are working with various stakeholders on a cybercrime bill that aims to strengthen existing laws related to high-tech crimes or crimes committed using technology.

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