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Guilty in Internet fraud

Date: June 09, 2007

Two Springfield residents face federal prison terms after pleading guilty Wednesday to stealing more than $684,000 from more than 9,700 victims through an Internet-based scam that promised big returns on investments.

Daniel Michael Wheatley, 34, pleaded guilty to Internet fraud and money laundering. Sunshine Elise Merie Simmons, 28, pleaded guilty to Internet fraud and illegally concealing a currency transaction to avoid suspicion, according to court records. A Vancouver, Wash., resident, Edwin Tolentino Garcia, 41, also pleaded guilty to Internet fraud in the scheme.

Wheatley and Simmons used a Web site to advertise a "high-yield investment program." The scheme offered, for example, a 38 percent daily rate of return on an investment and up to a 650 percent return for a 15-day investment, according to court records.
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