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Date: June 09, 2005

Sydney, 8 June 2005 – Dimension Data today announced a new managed service for security - Incident Management and Response Service. The customised service includes everything from training and the management skills required to enable staff to provide these services in-house, to an ongoing and fully outsourced offering.

A global first for Dimension Data, this solution proactively and reactively combats computer security incidents by assisting organisations in creating and following a planned response, rather than reacting to incidents in an ad hoc manner.

Designed by a team of four Australian ex-federal and state police from the specialist areas of forensics and computer crime, the service was initiated in response to client requests for consultation and assistance in dealing with computer security breaches, collecting and submitting evidence for review and reducing costs incurred through security attacks.

“Organisations are increasingly aware of the IT security risks they are subject to,” said Neil Campbell, National Security Practice Manager for Dimension Data. “Where the understanding falls down is when it comes to handling the containment, eradication and resolution of the issue once an organisation has been hit. This is the gap we will fill with this service.”

Dimension Data’s Incident Management and Response Service will be based on a dedicated Incident Response Team deploying EnCase Enterprise, a network-enabled, multi-platform enterprise investigation solution to enable immediate response to computer-related incidents and thorough forensic analysis. The end result is a reduction in the severity, impact, duration and cost of computer security incidents to an organisation.

A three-tiered offering, the Incident Management and Response Service comprises:

The Incident Risk Assessment Service, providing clients with a thorough snapshot of their current security infrastructure and working to identify hotspots and proactively prevent incidents and improve security controls.

The Incident Response Service, designed for clients affected by a computer security attack, providing on demand, anytime, anywhere incident resolution from Dimension Data’s Computer Incident Response Team, in a forensically sound manner.

The Incident Preparation Service bringing a holistic approach by working with clients to align response policy, procedure, training and technology to their strategic business objectives, as well as helping clients assess and bolster their security infrastructure.
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