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Russian providers fight Hamas

Date: June 09, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Ludmila Goroshko

June 7, 2004 Russian hosting provider "Arbatek" stopped to provide web hosting for a number of websites that have a direct relation to Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, Webplanet informs.

Arbatek's specialists took notice of some details that testify about a direct relation of these sources to terrorists. After preliminary consultation with officers of High Tech Crime Unit "K" of the Russian Federation, a joint decision was made to stop hosting of websites having a direct relation to terrorist organization Hamas.

“The decision to stop providing hosting was made with respect to five sites,” Arbatek's Marketing and PR Director, Konstantin Listratov informed. “Sites contained pro-terrorist materials and also information on Israeli special services. All the information was in Russian and was intended for Russian-speaking users.”

Arbatek, under the terms of contract, does not control information on clients' servers and is not responsible for the content of their websites. Administration and control of sources is performed by clients on their own. That is why this point is separately stipulated in the contract: “the client bears all responsibility for the information posted on the server”.

According to contract, the client is prohibited to post information contradicting with Russian law. The main problem lies in imperfection of Russian law and legal mechanisms that should classify information into illegal and also determine guilty and make them responsible.

Arbatek's management say that such decision is a display of civil position of the company, act of good will, a company's initiative to stop distribution of illegal information in the Russian internet space.

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