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University of Wales Becomes Partner in Combating Cyber Crime

Date: May 09, 2008

The FINANCIAL -- The surge in popularity of websites such as Facebook and MySpace has played a major part in emphasising the importance of online security, according to Dr Stilianos Vidalis, Senior Lecturer in Computing and Information Security, at Newport Business School.
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He said, "Businesses, as well as the growing number of people who use these social networking sites, have to consider the consequences of online security. Employees are using them to divulge large amounts of information, and there are also issues about the effects on productivity and cyber bullying.

Recent data protection scandals have left us all wondering how we can protect ourselves - and who can help".

Dr Stalianos explained that e-Crime Wales was formed as a partnership of public and private sector organisations, including the Welsh Assembly Government, the police and banks.

Everyone in involved in e-Crime Wales is committed to combating cyber crime, and we have teamed up to provide the help that’s needed in the community and beyond.

At Newport Business School we recognize the importance of understanding the nature of the different types of e-Crime and raising the awareness of the public through education. We aim to be able to offer advice on the threats that are active in Welsh cyber-space, and we are proud to be able to do so through the e-Crime Steering Group.

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