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Beware! Cybercrime

Date: May 09, 2006

Small firms have been warned to be on their guard against increasing levels of cybercrime by West Midlands IT firm Adecs.

The Coventry company has been going to extra lengths this month to emphasise to its customers the importance of protecting themselves against computer crime.

Figures recently released by the Government have revealed that the cost of computer crime to businesses in the UK has risen by 50 per cent over the last two years.

Amrik Bhabra, managing director of Adecs, said the figures were particularly alarming for small businesses.

"According to latest statistics firms will suffer an average of eight security breaches a year," he said.

"Large businesses have invested heavily in security and are reaping the benefits.

"But this is not necessarily the case with smaller firms, and it will probably have a greater affect on their business.
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