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Microsoft to fight child porn

Date: April 09, 2005
Source: wired news
By: David Cohn

Microsoft launched a software program designed to help police worldwide hunt down child porn traffickers by enabling authorities for the first time to link information such as credit card purchases, internet chat room messages and arrest records.

The Child Exploitation Tracking System is the first software designed specifically to capture pornographers who prey on children over the internet. It will allow police departments worldwide to share and track previously unlinked information on investigations and suspects.

The open source program was developed by Microsoft Canada, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Toronto police, with the help of the Department of Homeland Security, Scotland Yard and Interpol.

The FBI has seen a 2,000 percent increase in the number of child pornography images on the internet since 1996 and Canadian police estimate that more than 100,000 websites contain images of child sexual abuse.

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Out of work: Police have arrested 12 men in western India for allegedly cheating four Citibank customers out of nearly US$350,000, a police officer said.

Three former employees at a call center in the city of Pune and nine of their associates have been charged with misusing financial data and illegally withdrawing money from the accounts of New York-based customers.

Citibank outsourced some of its customer support operations to Mphasis BPO in Pune, 85 miles southeast of Bombay.

The crime became known when the customers complained about unauthorized money transfers and the bank traced them to Pune.

Reacting to the news, a cyber law expert said the monitoring system in Indian companies needed to improve.

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Gaming, the new rock: Men spend more money on video games than they do on music, research group Nielsen Entertainment said, lending credence to a growing belief that video games are displacing other forms of media for the attention of young men.

And video gaming in general is starting to attract an older audience, with nearly a quarter of all gamers over age 40.

For males, Nielsen said, games now rank only behind DVDs as a purchase category. They are ahead of CDs, digital MP3 files and other ways of buying music. Nielsen also found that African-Americans and Hispanics spend more money on games each month than whites.

The U.S. video game industry has $10 billion in annual revenue, roughly the same as U.S. box office sales.

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Brotherly connection: The city will tap the private sector to implement its plan for blanketing most of Philadelphia with cheap, high-speed wireless internet access.

Though Philadelphia is seeking help from private companies to build the system, a nonprofit organization would own it and sell wholesale access to internet service providers, which would market it back to city residents and businesses at capped rates expected to run between $16 and $20 per month.

Mayor John F. Street has backed the plan as a way to extend high-speed internet service into parts of the city where most people can't now afford the $30 to $60 per month now charged by commercial operators.

But others question whether the city has the financial and technological wherewithal to pull it off.
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