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UK companies worry over viruses

Date: March 09, 2006

Infection by viruses was the biggest single cause of the worst security incidents for UK companies in the past two years, accounting for roughly half of them, a new survey shows.

Two-fifths of these were described as having a serious impact on the business, according to findings from the 2006 Department of Trade and Industry’s biennial Information Security Breaches Survey, conducted by a consortium led by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The research showed that virus infections were more likely to have caused service interruption than other incidents.

Usually the disruption was minor but roughly a quarter of companies questioned who reported a virus as their worst incident had major disruption, with important services such as email down for more than a day.

The majority of UK businesses surveyed have a broadband link to the Internet (88 per cent) and as a result, the threat from malicious software such as viruses has never been greater.
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