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Cyber Crimes on the Rise

Date: February 09, 2009

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Due to our sluggish economy, police say they are seeing a spike in online crime.

And local law enforcement agencies want to make sure you’re ready.

Property Manager Sheryl Good counts on the internet to fill a majority of her nearly 300 apartments.

But lately scam artists craving cash in this economy have been targeting people and businesses like hers.

"We probably see a couple a week, maybe even average one a day,” she says.

Scammers have been contacting her through Craigslist, often times from overseas saying someone else will pay the rent.

Then, checks with different addresses will show up for more money than she asked for.

Then the person calls back asking for the difference, but Good knows the check will bounce.

"It’s a little frustrating because you have to balance and figure out who's the one and am I turning down a true prospect.”

Scams through Craigslist are the number one cyber scam in the Rochester area but there are others.

Scams involving e-mails asking for your bank account information are also on the rise.

Police went from hearing 1 to 3 cyber crime complaints a week to an average of 20.

Scam artists are logging onto Craigslist and are sending you e-mails or false websites.

They're also sending more and more viruses so they can watch your back account information when you type.

"You need to be doing your spyware probably on a weekly basis. It's changing that fast,” says specialist Darrel Hildebrant.

So be on guard.
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