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Identity theft is on the rise

Date: February 09, 2006

Identity theft is on the rise, but the strategies presented in "The Real Safety Guide to Beating Cybercrime" can help consumers avoid becoming a victim. The guide covers both online and offline risks, and co-authors Mike Adams and Ben Kage explain how consumers can protect themselves from common threats. The guide is available in softcover and downloadable form through Truth Publishing at

"To create this guide, we spoke to criminal investigators and convicted con artists to discover the common tactics thieves use to steal identities online," said Adams. "We also learned the most effective strategies for protecting yourself from identity theft and phishing, and we have complied a comprehensive list of safety tips in "The Real Safety Guide to Beating Cybercrime."

In "The Real Safety Guide to Beating Cybercrime," readers learn:
20 strategies for conquering identity theft
6 simple ways consumers can tell if their identity has been stolen
14 steps to rebuilding credit after identity theft
How to recognize phishing and pharming scams
Which companies and organizations need to be contacted when identity theft occurs.

"The Real Safety Guide to Beating Cybercrime" also teaches consumers how to stay safe from common Internet crimes such as auction fraud, cyber stalking, viruses, cons, and online extortion. The informative guide is available at
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