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Please help phishers to earn some fortune

Date: January 09, 2006
Source: Daily Press

After getting a heavier spate than usual of those phony "phish" e-mails on my computer, I have decided: If you can't evade 'em, why not join 'em:

Dear friend, I am writing this letter to you seeking your help, even though we have not met before, never exchanged any correspondence, nor even stood next to each other in the checkout line at Farm Fresh.

I am Tony Gabriele, mild-mannered columnist for a great semi-metropolitan newspaper. No, actually that is merely my disguise. In reality, I am the son of the brother of the aunt of the midwife of the second cousin, 21/2 times removed, of the former Finance Minister of the Republic of Cowabunga.

Cowabunga, as you know, is an emerging nation on a continent far, far away. Well, it was emerging, but after it emerged it saw its shadow and went back in again, which meant we had six more weeks of the monsoon season.

Anyway, the second cousin 21/2 times removed of the midwife of, etc., etc. - you remember, the former Finance Minister - is the courageous politician who opposed Cowabunga's evil leader, President Darth Luthor.

He opposed President Luthor's evil plan to seize every foosball table in the country for use in the presidential recreation room. He opposed the president's evil plan to round up all political dissidents, cover them in orange marmalade and force them to do The Chicken Dance.
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