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Aggressive front of scam artists

Date: November 08, 2007

An aggressive campaign on con artists and their foreign collaborators who defraud innocent citizens is what Tunde Akingbade sets to carry out in his book; Historical Study On Global Scam and Nigeria’s 419: How To Overcome Fraudster and Con Artists.

The book, which was recently launched in Lagos is a statement on the evil of global scam that has overwhelmed the country and the world as a whole.

Divided into eight chapters, the book attempts to cover in detail, activities of fraudsters both within and outside the country. It is an insight into the evolution of scam in the country and how it became a global scourge. It also provides tips on how to escape being trapped in the web of con artists and losing one’s fortune.

Written in simple English Language, the 108-page book is a case study of general fraudulent practices locally known as the 419 in Nigeria. The book is quite revealing and didactic in nature even as it serves as a guide to the people on deception among other crimes. While providing necessary information on the notorious trade, the author equally takes the pain to state, describe and analyze with illustrations different types of global scam aimed at enlightening the public.

With the use of relevant quotations, statistics and data, the author also traces the socio-economic and political history of Nigeria in relation to the scam and and its evolution to the present age. The author equally traces the origin of the Advanced Free Fraud otherwise known as 419 to the Garden of Eden where Satan persuaded Eve to eat the fruit, which God forbade her and Adam from eating. Eve, in turn persuaded her husband to eat the fruit and the chain of deception continued till date.
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