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Discussion : Card frauds behind phishing

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2006-11-09 12:33:43 -
Phishing scams.

Yes there has been an increase. My SPAM folder is full of official looking messages from Barclays, HSBC, Wells-Fargo, Paypal and even Banks that I have never hreard of telling me that my account has been suspended.
I have great phun in replying with embedded hostile code that I rather vaibly hope with trash their system!
One day I will be lucky and get some one phishing from root on an xP box and willmanage to trash his file system.

Unfortunately many seem to be from well protected systems that so far I haven't been able to break into.
As that well known legal authority Richard Milhouse Nixon said " Grab 'em by their balls.. and their hearts and minds will soon follow! He was a barrister by the way!

Total 1 comments
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