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Web virus in greeting cards

Date: July 08, 2007

users in Bahrain are being warned about greetings cards celebrating American Independence Day that can infect their computers with a virus.

The e-mail poses as a July 4 card sent by a friend only to infect the receiving computer with a trojan that can make it dependent on the author of the malware, a software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system.

Experts say the subject lines of the e-mail are varied and are picked randomly from an embedded list, including Celebrate Your Independence, Fourth of July Party, God Bless America and Happy B-Day USA.

Once the victims click on the link to view the card they are taken to a bot computer hosting a trojan downloader named JS.Agent.kd.

A bot is a small application that can be downloaded innocently but is used by people who sell information to criminals for illegal activities.
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