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Internet threats

Date: June 08, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Dmitri Kramarenko

Internet technologies' evolution, distribution of devices providing access to the global network and insufficient elimination of defects in various web applications incurred an unprecedented threat to the Internet.

Hackers became more skilful and experienced. Average time from finding vulnerability holes in software to appearance of crack code has reduced from 500 to 40 days since 2002. Developers face many errors in their hardware and software. Therein experts assert that small and medium companies are in the high risk area hence they can't afford to provide a special unit maintaining corporate security.

In spite of the opinion of certain experts that cyber terrorism threat is in a way exaggerated: terrorists are interested in attacking critical infrastructures and spam poses a lot bigger danger, especially to productivity of the global network. If we turn to the history of the Internet, it is necessary to outline that it was designed as a communication alternative after emergency accidents. The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was charged with development of a signals transfer system to function after a nuclear holocaust or natural disasters. Now the Internet has become unprotected in the face of network criminals and scammers.

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