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Avoiding phishing scams

Date: May 08, 2006

Calls are coming into the metro area trying to scam you out of your money.

A Hinds county woman says she was contacted by someone pretending to be from the IRS, trying to get her bank account information.

Jeallean Thames says she was at her computer when she got a call from a young foreign man saying he was from the IRS.

He told her he had $5,000.00 for her but needed her bank account and routing numbers.

Thames said, "He was very persistent. I was on the phone 15 maybe 20 minutes with him. He kept insisting that I give him these numbers and I kept telling him 'No I can't do that'."

The Clinton resident refused and threatened to call the police, and that's when the man hung up.

Before hanging up, Thames says he told her he got her number from the Literary Guild web site, where she had ordered some books.

She said, "I think they need to do something with the computer system too where they just can't get in and get your phone number and your address."

The IRS calls these unscrupulous calls and e-mails phishing, as in fishing for information.

A page on the IRS web site is devoted to such suspicious scams,warning not to give out your personal information.
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