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Officials aim to find ways to better fight cyber crime

Date: February 08, 2008
By: Jared Hoffmann

Local law enforcement officials are hopeful state legislators will eventually allocate more resources to investigate and prevent online sex crimes.

Several members of the Platte County Sheriff’s Office gathered with other law enforcement officials from across Missouri at a summit in Jefferson City last month to discuss ways of enhancing the investigation and prosecution of Internet-related crimes. Specifically, the group focused on legislative recommendations to expand capabilities of investigating online sex crimes targeted toward children.

Capt. Paul Carrill, commander of the Western Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force, said one of the recommendations was to request more state funding to hire additional task force members and implement advanced training. Carrill said the task force had six full-time investigators from nine surrounding counties. He said the goal was to add five additional investigators this year with the eventual creation of two to four more regional task forces. Other recommendations generated at the summit included expanding the Internet Cyber Crime Grant program, which provides funding for the task force, and looking for potential permanent funding sources.

“The focus of the entire summit was to look at what Missouri can do with its resources and how everybody can get on the same page for investigating cyber crimes,” Carrill said. “Platte County will benefit immensely from it.”
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