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Date: December 07, 2007

No one would ever mistake Mark Schroeder for a Republican, although the Buffalo Assemblyman’s Democratic peers may occasionally wonder about the fact. They shouldn’t. They should be grateful for a colleague who is willing to tell the speaker that he has no clothes.

That’s essentially what Schroeder did recently on these pages, when he lambasted the Assembly’s Democratic majority for failing to act on legislation meant to protect children from computer sex crimes. If ever an issue was tailor made for Democrats, the putative party of the little guy, it’s in guarding the most defenseless from the most predatory. Yet, one year after the Assembly leadership reluctantly allowed the bill to be introduced, it languishes in committee, where unwanted legislation goes to die.

Schroeder won’t have it. He drew up the Computer Sex Crimes Act last year, only to have the Assembly leadership ignore it. He complained loudly and the chamber bosses, led by Speaker Sheldon Silver, changed their minds — as long as someone else introduced the measure. Schroeder agreed. The bill was carried by Assemblyman Joseph Lenton, DBrooklyn. It was referred to the Codes Committee and there it sits, while pedophiles and pornographers work their will on unsuspecting children. So Schroeder is still complaining.
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