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Hackers hired to test softwares

Date: December 07, 2005

The government organisation, which conducts inquiries into mergers, markets and the regulation of the major regulated industries, has rolled out Wisdom from Diagonal Solutions to create an auditable and secure repository of structured and unstructured data.

With mergers worth billions of pounds depending on the commission's decisions, it could be a target for industrial hacking, said Brian Sallery, the organisation's head of information services.

"We are slightly neurotic about security, in the nicest possible way. We hired a professional ethical hacker to see what a malicious internal user could do to the system, since this is the greatest threat. We ranked products against what the hacker could do."

The Competition Commission requires stringent document governance because companies that do not agree with its decisions can appeal to an independent body.

Although such instances are rare, the commission has to be able to present all its documentation in relation to the case, the audit trails associated with them, and be able to guarantee the authenticity of those documents.
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