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Discussion : Fight child porn

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2006-04-25 15:08:01 -
Unfortunately it's people like you that do not help matters. It's called SELF-CENTERED!!! PETTY!!!

2006-04-25 15:06:35 -
As for the comment from WISH...
YOU NEED TO WAKE UP!!! It's people like you that's too busy with your own life to give a dayum about anything or anyone that doesn't involve you!

2006-04-25 15:04:13 -
Child Porn is REAL! The people that do such things is not only sick which usually winds up as their defense when caught. I think that's the label the goody too shoes like to put on it, he/she is sick and they need our help. EXCUSE ME? Everyone is taught right from wrong. There is NO EXCUSE for this behavior! These people aren't acceptable to me in no way, shape, fashion, or form. A child is innocent and here for us to protect and for the biggest reason of all... they are our future! Is this what we want for our future? WAKE UP PEOPLE AND GET INVOLVED!!!!!

2006-04-25 14:56:51 -
How can I help?

2006-01-01 21:29:35 - wish
you people need to get a life!

2005-10-26 01:48:35 - Annonymous
This Day,
I saw a movie Today Called Human Trafficking. How sad to think, Perhaps most missing children wer sentenced to a life of slavery by sex. Because some stankass sorry monster, man or woman had no hummanity. I believe calling these people predator's gives them to much power. Simply because an amimal Stalks to survive. So I prefer to call them imps, empty, limp hearted and destined for hell. But the parents that have to experience this hatered May God Love them through there sorrow. And poor havoc over the sexual organs of the imps resulting in castration by acid.

2005-08-29 03:18:45 -
I beleive looking at a child is just about as bad as touching one. It takes some little peice of them and destroys it. I have tried to study pedifiles and child porners and a lot of people say they are animals, how many animals rape or take degrading pictures of their offspring for selp pleasures.

2005-03-12 04:37:38 - Annonymous
"The Last Time I Cried"

The last time I cried was when there was a riot.
It wasn't the riot that made me cry.

In the aftermath that ruined an inmate's photographs of his family; A wife and child, it wasn't the photographs that made me cry.

It was my job was to repair the inmates photographs; bent, crumpled, as they were, lest a lawsuit decide in his favour.

The photographer, the husband, the father, the inmate - was Clifford Sleigh, and he was the man accused of raping and killing six-year-old Corrine "Punky" Gustavson.

And that was the last time I cried.

2005-01-31 19:58:17 -
What the hell is a "child porn predator"? A person who predates on PICTURES? I've never seen a PICTURE run away or suffer when caught by a predator.

Total 9 comments
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