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Most sophisticated cyber criminal networks

Date: November 07, 2007

A major Russian Internet service provider whose client list amounted to a laundry list of organized cyber crime operations appears to have closed shop. But security experts caution that there are signs that the highly profitable network may already be building a new home for itself elsewhere on the Web.

The Russian Business Network, an ISP and Web hosting provider long based in St. Petersburg, Russia, this week relinquished most of its allocated Internet addresses after a number of its main upstream Internet providers severed ties with the group.

The disappearance of RBN comes less than a month after I wrote a series of stories detailing the organization and history of the shadowy ISP. That series examined RBN's infamy as a world hub for Web sites devoted to child pornography, spamming and identity theft, a so-called "bulletproof hosting" provider to some of the most sophisticated cyber criminal networks in operation today.
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