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Microsoft and security

Date: October 07, 2005
Source: The Inquirer
By: Guy Matthews

Microsoft has just outlined plans for a range of new corporate security services and products.

CEO Steve Ballmer and security VP Mike Nash jetted in to Germany to flesh out the announcement, which covers virus, spam and spyware protection.

The most important bit of the announcement covered a new enterprise-class, subscription-based service called Client Protection, a management console that lets IT managers generate reports and alerts on spyware, viruses and other types of malware. This will be available on beta late this year with no date yet set for full rollout. It has parallels with the Windows OneCare security service for consumers that’s been in production for a while.

"To help our customers combat the evolving threats and to have those rights protected, we are taking a holistic approach to security that includes developing new technology, partnering with the industry and keeping customers as educated as possible about how to stay ahead of the latest threats facing them," said Nash.
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