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Hacker attempted to steal $ 1'000'000 from account of Custom House.

Date: October 07, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Timofey Saytarly

Zaporozhye, Ukraine – Hacker was arrested when accessed to computer system of “AVAL Bank” and tried to steal about 5’000’000 Ukraine Hrivnas (about $ 1’000’000) from the account of Zaporozhye Custom-house.

According to Chief of Investigation Department of Zaporozhye Office of Public Prosecutor Alexander Koshman, “hacker accessed to Electronic Funds Transfer System and created fake payment order for 4’914’438 Ukraine Hrivnas (about $ 930’000). This sum had to be transferred to account of Private Company in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

The transfer was realized, but hacker couldn’t get money. In a short time bank employees detected the fake payment order and money have been returned.

Public Prosecutor initiated criminal case about “Attempt grand theft by unlawful interference in computer system and computer networks”. According to Ukraine Criminal Code , hacker could be sentenced up to 12 year of imprisonment and confiscation of property.
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