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Legal expert calls on Qatar to implement cybercrime legislation

Date: July 07, 2008

Perusing the Gulf Times' weekend edition (as one does) in my local hairdressers this weekend, I was astonished to read that a leading legal expert has called on Qatar to implemented its own cyber-crime

The paper quotes Craig Blakeley, founder of Alliance Law Group in Virginia in the US, as saying he was in Qatar recently to speak at a a security conference and to meet with local Q-CERT representatives.

Blakeley, who is reported to have been active in the Middle East since 1995, said that a specific cybercrime law in Qatar would "provide a more effective mechanism for deterring Internet or computer-based misconduct... by eliminating the uncertainty as to whether or not specific types of misconduct constitute crimes."

What surprised me is that Qatar doesn't have its own specific cybercrime legislation, but apparently relies on conventional law to meet its needs.

This is astonishing given the relative wealth of the country and the fact that other nations in the UAE have had their own legislation on this topic for some time. Check out more on this interesting topic here...

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