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Hackers use phishing

Date: June 07, 2005

A 20-year-old school dropout has broken into an online banking system and stolen some 50 million won ($A66,111), causing alarm over the security of South Korea's widely-used internet banking services.

Police on Friday arrested the man, identified only by his family name Lee, and an unidentified accomplice, for stealing the money from the account of a 42-year-old housewife in May.

It was the first time that an online banking account has been hacked and robbed in South Korea, a leader in the number of high-speed internet users.

As of April, the number of online banking subscribers stood at 23 million, about half the country's population.

According to police, Lee attached hacking software to a message he planted on a community internet site. The woman clicked on it, inadvertently downloading the "key stroke" logging program which enabled Lee to gain the passwords and security code for her account.

Police said internet users must avoid downloading unfamiliar programs on the internet and install protection software provided by the banks.
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