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Beer commercial actor pleads guilty to child porn

Date: May 07, 2008

A Toronto actor known for his work on a popular beer commercial has pleaded guilty to child porn charges.

Robert Smith, the 42-year-old who played a crude Scotsman in an Alexander Keith's beer commercial, told a courtroom Monday he was not pressured into making the decision.

His plea comes after an attempt by his lawyer, Cindy Wasser, to have the charges thrown out on the basis that the search warrants were unconstitutional.

In their search, police retrieved information from Smith's Internet service provider. The Crown was able to successfully argue that Internet subscribers do not have an expectation of privacy when they sign up for file sharing networks.

Crown prosecutor Allison Dellandrea read from a statement of agreed facts in which Smith admitted to downloading and possessing child pornography.

His wife did not know about Smith's actions, the statement said.

Smith's next court appearance is scheduled for Monday when a sentencing date will be set.

He could be jailed for up to two years.

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