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Who are these cyber criminals?

Date: May 07, 2004
Source: Computer Crime Research Center
By: Victor Sabadash

Studies conducted, in particular, in Australia, Canada, the US, Germany helped to divide computer criminals into three main categories by age:
- 11-15 years old – involved in crimes using telephone networks, credit cards and ATMs;
- 17-25 years old – involved in hacking;
- 30-45 years old – use computers for mercenary purposes and espionage.

Persons committing computer crimes also may be divided in the following three big groups by the corresponding sign:
- persons, who are not in labor relations with the victim organization, but are related to it;
- employees of the organization that occupy responsible positions;
- employees-users of computers that abuse their office.

Western specialists divide personnel that pose danger into the following categories by spheres of activity:
1. Operational crimes (are committed by users of computers and service engineers maintaining lines of telecommunication).
2. Crimes based on use of software, committed by persons that are in control of libraries of software; system programmers; application programmers and well-trained users.
3. Systems, terminals, communications and electronics engineers that pose danger to the hardware part of computer systems.
4. Managerial employees: management of computer networks, operators, data bases and software departments.
5. Security officers, employees that control of computer operation.

About 90% of abuses in the financial sphere related to information security violations occur with direct or indirect participation of current or former banks’ employees. At that, the most skilled and qualified employees that have maximum rights and permissions in the inside computer networks of banks – systems administrators and other employees of IT departments more often follow the criminal path.
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