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Discussion : Computer Crime & Organised Crime

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2006-03-22 20:33:12 -
what do you think you know about organised crime in nigeria they can always do it out there very clean but down here they do it very rogh and to the detriment of the poor masses

2006-02-17 12:49:42 -
Please I need an update on Computer Crime in Nigeria.

2006-01-28 12:15:47 -
i want a write-up containing the issue of computer crime in nigeria.

2005-09-14 12:28:28 -
The cost of computer crime worldwide per annum now exceeds $220bn according to the mi2g Intelligence Unit.

2005-09-06 15:49:04 -
i want to have a content analysis on computer crime in nigeria

2005-08-18 17:15:19 -
What are the existing internet related crimes in Nigeria, and also their meanings.

2004-11-20 07:36:58 -
i also want to no about organised crime in nigeria

Total 7 comments
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