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Bozeman School Board to look at cyber-bullying

Date: February 07, 2009

By Chronicle Staff

The Bozeman School Board will discuss Monday night several proposed policy changes, including one that would add cyber-bullying to its anti-bullying policy.

The board meets at 6 p.m. in the Willson School board room.

The board will also discuss replacing the district’s current written policy of educating special education students up to age 21 with the state law, which requires educating students with disabilities only to age 18.

Another proposed policy change would specify that searches may be conducted, when reasonable, of students’ belongings, including lockers, desks, purses, backpacks, vehicles, cell phones and other electronic devices.

The board will also discuss a new policy on graduation ceremonies, recommended by the Montana School Boards Association, that would require graduates’ dress to “reflect the dignity, formality and decorum” of the ceremony. It also calls for printing a disclaimer in the graduation program that any religious views expressed by speakers are not the official position of the school district.
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