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Hacker tracks lead to S.Korea

Date: February 07, 2007
By: David Utter

A heavy inflow of Internet traffic directed at root servers operated by the Department of Defense and ICANN caused plenty of headaches for administrators, but the servers mostly held up against the attack. The root servers serve as the main DNS servers for the Internet.

Broadband Reports said the attacks focused on the F, I, M, L (ICANN), and G (US Department of Defense) servers. Reviewing the aftermath of the attacks has caused researchers to think they began in South Korea, according to an AP report.

Those researchers are continuing to investigate:

"There was what appears to be some form of attack during the night hours here in California and into the morning," said John Crain, chief technical officer for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. He said the attack was continuing and so was the hunt for its origin.

"I don't think anybody has the full picture," Crain said. "We're looking at the data."
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