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RSA security conference

Date: February 07, 2007
Source: PC WORLD

One of the biggest security conferences in the world, The RSA Conference 2007, kicks off today in San Francisco. Security big wigs from industry and government will talk about issues such as fighting international cybercrime and protecting online banking transactions. Speakers include business leaders, researchers, and government officials such as Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, inventor Ray Kurzweil, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

RSA differs from the BlackHat and Def Con security conferences, which traditionally draw more of a researcher and hacker crowd (although there's nothing counter-culture about last year's BlackHat event sponsors such as Microsoft and Cisco). RSA is more enterprise focused, catering to the security dilemmas of large banks and IT departments. But while the news coming from RSA may not always directly impact PC consumers, it will impact the companies with whom PC consumers do business.
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