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New Wi-Fi Hacker Attack

Date: July 01, 2005
Source: Yahoo!News

To truly understand a criminal, you have to get inside his mind and think as he does. Follow his steps. See what he sees. LucidLink Wireless Security has done just that, creating a Flash demonstration that chronicles the steps hackers follow while tapping into wireless networks to gain access to confidential information. In an attempt to raise awareness about the security implications of unsecured wireless networking, LucidLink has recently added the demonstration to its website,

The demonstration takes viewers through a step-by-step explanation of a hacker's activities, explaining how war drivers find wireless networks, gather information about them, and eventually infiltrate them in order to gain access to personal identity and company confidential information. The demonstration uses screen shots captured from freely available hacker programs so that viewers can see what hackers see as they click their way closer to breaking into even secured wireless networks.

Especially troubling is the demonstration of a hacker's ability to crack even 128-bit WEP keys, used for encryption in most commercial wireless routers, instantaneously rendering a secure network unsecured. Once a hacker has captured the WEP key, along with the data identifying a user's network, he can "zero in" on the wireless network -- even from miles away -- to eavesdrop on the user without ever being detected.

LucidLink outlines the steps hackers follow while attempting to break into a wireless network, summarized as: Capturing data about the network, cracking the WEP key, and reading the data without the user's knowledge. The demonstration explains how tools used by hackers are readily available on the Internet, as are maps compiled by wardrivers, which show the locations and addresses of private wireless networks -- all for use by hackers and criminals.

In addition to outlining the threats posed by hackers to wireless networks in their online demonstration, LucidLink offers a solution to wireless users: LucidLink Home Office Edition. An advanced wireless network security software capable of supporting up to 3 users, LucidLink Home Office was designed with the security concerns outlined in the company's Flash demonstration in mind. The software is available free for download at, and allows home office users to quickly and easily protect themselves against wireless attacks with one of the most trusted security products on the market.

To view the demonstration, download LucidLink's Home Office Edition, or for additional information about wireless security, please visit .
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