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Sun's sting operation

Date: June 29, 2005

In yet another call-centre scandal, which has further exposed the security chinks in Indian BPO companies, the UK-based tabloid 'The Sun' reported on Thursday that its journalist has obtained account numbers, bank card details, secret passwords and other personal details of 1,000 British Bank customers by paying $5,000 to Karan Bahree, an employee of a Delhi-based company.

According to the UK tabloid, the 24-year 'contact' told the paper that he had obtained the information from a network of contacts inside call centres used by British banks.

Investigations by ET reveal that Mr Bahree is currently working for Delhi-based company 'Infinity e-Systems' and was an ex-employee of IBM-Daksh in Gurgaon around two years ago.

Sources say that Mr Bahree, an ex-public school student who gained in-depth knowledge of call centres while training at Daksh, posed as a website analyst when contacted by the reporter of 'The Sun'.

This is the second scandal involving Indian BPOs, the first being when 20 employees of MphasiS were caught in Pune fraudulently withdrawing funds from the New York accounts of some customers of Citibank.

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