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1 nabbed for child porn, 1 for bestiality

Date: June 23, 2005
By: Terry Camp

The couple's Harrison-area home was searched by computer crime investigators in February.

They left town a short time later, but now the couple is behind bars -- one for possession of child pornography charges, the other for a more unusual crime.

Terry Camp had more.

A number of law-enforcement officials say they've heard of the crime, but they can't remember arresting anyone for it. This story may be disturbing.

Police say 50-year-old Malvin Pyle, formerly of Harrison, and his wife, 44-year-old Rebekah, left for Oklahoma a short time after their mid-Michigan home was searched as part of a computer crime investigation.

The investigation originally began in Virginia. Tipped off that they were back in town, a Clare County detective brought them to the sheriff's department, where they were arrested by the Mid-Michigan Computer Crimes Task Force.

Pyle was arraigned Tuesday on 14 counts of possession of child pornography. His wife was not, but she was charged with a more unusual crime: bestiality. The evidence was found on the couple's computer.

More arrests are possible in this investigation, and it seems those tracking down computer crimes have no trouble finding people to arrest.

We have been told that one more arrest in this case is imminent.
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