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Russia`s cyber fog in the Ukraine war

Date: June 18, 2022
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

The all-out Russian war effort to conquer Ukraine will lead to a rise in cyberattacks on both Ukrainian and Western critical infrastructure.

Russia’s state-supported cyberattacks increased both before and during its invasion of Ukraine. The moves are part of Moscow`s broader attempt to disrupt services and create intimidation and confusion. Up until now, however, the Kremlin has not launched a devastating cyberwar against NATO countries, despite numerous warnings in recent months.

Western experts are still uncertain whether fears of American cyber retaliation and the existence of a “Mutual Assured Cyber Destruction” (“cyber-MAD”) are the reason why such attacks have not materialized. But any further Western sanctions (such as the European Union`s declared oil embargo on Russia) will increase the risk of devastating Russian cyberattacks.

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