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Evolution Of Cybercrime: Women, the worst sufferers as usual

Date: June 16, 2022
Source: Computer Crime Research Center

From November 16, 2021, to April 30 this year, Police Cyber Support for Woman (PCSW) wing of Police Headquarters (PHQ) has received around 4,094 cybercrime complaints.

The number was at least 12,641 from November 16, 2020, to November 16, 2021, according to the database.

A study conducted by voluntary organisation CyberLine shows that around 79 percent of social media users fall victims to cybercrime.

"We are now getting only valid complaints in the PCSW wing. Earlier, there were several false alarms. Awareness regarding the issue is also being created among internet users," said Mir Abu Touhid, assistant inspector general of PHQ, under whose supervision the PCSW wing is operating.

In an alarming number of complaints, the victims are women and children, exploited, blackmailed and bullied in cyberspace, despite the existence of multiple platforms and dedicated units of law enforcers to protect them from such crimes.

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