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E-crimes getting widely spread

Date: November 06, 2007

Despite stepped-up law enforcement and better security software, threats from cybercriminals remain potent, according to the 2007 Consumer Reports' State of the Net survey.

The lone-wolf geek you imagine hunched over a computer in his basement isn't the only one out to steal your identity on the Internet. According to CR, cybercriminals increasingly operate in an elaborately networked underworld of websites and chat rooms, where they sell one another stolen account numbers, tools for making credit cards, scanners to pick up card numbers and PINs from ATMs and viruses and other malicious software.

Findings from CR's fourth annual survey of online threats include the following:

• Your chances of becoming a cybervictim are about one in four slightly less than last year because a few problems appear to be easing, though significant threats remain.

• Consumers are still falling prey to phishing scams, in which bogus e-mails and websites ask them to disclose information about their financial accounts. The number who submitted personal information in such scams remained constant since last year, at about 8 percent of respondents.
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