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Discussion : New kind of the Internet fraud represented by Russians

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2005-09-02 18:59:22 -
Interesting info

2004-12-02 03:22:58 -
The Russians have also started using the dataing services to lure innocent Americans into their nets. The start off as friends and eventually present visas and passports issued by the US Embassy to convinence you that they are visiting the US and they need a little finicial assistance, If you fall for this due to pity then they sink their teeth deeper and deeper .
Do not respond to any dating advances from any Russian lady or Man.

2004-11-11 18:33:23 -
These types of scams are not new, they
are only made more potent by the Internet
because you can reach so many people.

Read a Sherlock Holmes story called "The
Red Headed League" written by Conan Doyle
in the 1800's.

2004-11-11 14:47:25 -
Comment to Erik Karl Sorgatz:
Gee, you had me fooled. I thought at first you were talking about the U.S. with the intellectuals being outy of a job and controlled by corrupt politicians.

2004-11-11 14:16:47 -
This is the sort of thing that happens when you have 250000 people with advanced intellectual powers (and no jobs!) being ruled by 5000 thugs, con-men, lawyers and political scumbags; in a country set free by economic collapse and no hard currency! I expect that even now there are members of the Russian Federation of Hackers who are planning to do even more devious things, it would be a noble act if they were to concentrate their efforts on targeting the redirection of funds stolen by Koffi Anann and his henchmen in the former Iraqui governement under the so-called "Oil for Food" program!
As sad as it is that anyone was ripped off, it should be noted that the more genteel societies are often the targets of beginners..the more interesting question is: "What of those 1200-some odd physics gurus that the former Soviet Union was using in their version of the Strategic Defense Initive (StarWars)? Specifically those working in the Ural Mountains on the nuclear-powered neutral-beam weapons? People who are hungry sometimes do things that are less than honorable, and we should not be surprised by this. The Soviet Collapse left a lot of very talented people out in the cold. Imagine the kind of havoc that might result were something similar to happen to the US economy? All the more reason to switch back to a gold based economy - like an armed society being polite, a society with hard currency has fewer unemployed and fewer criminals. If you count the ones at the top of the political food chain, the ones who operate out of sight of the voting public, the ones who follow secret orders, and the ones without any for of accountability, America has some criminals of it's own to be worried about! Remember that FDR "outlawed" gold with a stroke of his pen in the 1930's thus making most of my generation's grandparents "felons"! The moral of the story (for political rulers) is keep your technocrats well fed, least they decide to eat you alive!

Total 5 comments
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