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KY Attorney General Creates Unit To Combat Cybercrime

Date: June 06, 2008

One of the Cybercrime Units top priorities is to safeguard Kentucky children from on-line predators.

Kentucky Attorney General, Jack Conway says, "When I go in front of a middle school, typically they're 11 to 14 years old, and I'll ask how many of you have a MySpace or a FaceBook page. Ladies and gentlemen, every hand in the room will go up. And this issue is scaring parents to death because they want to watch those that their children are running with, but they're running on line, and MySpace and FaceBook are the new mall."

Members of the new unit shared actual on-line conversations between predators and teens with the most graphic language blacked out.

But this new unit is about much more than just children at risk.

"There's also these on-line scams that target too many seniors, and we have identity theft which is the fastest growing crime in America. Eight and a half million Americans victimized by identity theft in the last year alone," says Conway.

Conway says about 80% of crimes now involve some sore of computer or digital forensic evidence.

"This week we have started digital forensic training sessions," Conway says.

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