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New Zealand websites hacked

Date: May 06, 2007

New Zealand websites have again been hit by Turkish hackers. This time someone called “crackers_child” attacked around twenty sites hosted by Digital Network Ltd, taking advantage of programs, files and folders installed with insecure permissions, according to manager Warren Sanders.

Computerworld was contacted by a Digital Network customer who complained that the web hoster was slow to respond after critical priority helpdesk requests went unanswered for about half an hour. The customer says he expects better service for what he says are high hosting fees.

The hacker overwrote existing content on the sites and left an obscene message on them, taunting the owners about security. A URL leading to a Turkish language security forum was also posted by the hacker, but at this stage, it’s not known if the defacement was intended as a form of advertising or just a taunt. The site owner was contacted by Computerworld via email, but didn’t respond.
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