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Discussion : Sasser Computer Worm on the Loose

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2005-09-02 22:34:05 -
u should give us more info

2004-05-07 05:02:12 - this guy
i code programs in school where all computers are linked together and always on line, the worm hit and almost every 5 minutes a computer was shutting down. i attempted debugging the worm with no effect yet, but i have stopped the computer from crashing, by alittle debugging. its not russian at least not in my opinion. russia would not waste thier time on a cheap worm like this.

2004-05-06 20:45:31 -
"communist" virus. "polish" virus, blame anyone except the punks with the PCs.

2004-05-06 20:42:27 -
so it is indeed fatal to some systems, and it was created by the russians. Is this some subtle government hint that the cold war isn't over and we've got a communist virus on our hands?
nudge nudge
wink wink
say no more

2004-05-06 16:21:37 -
"Netsky, the worm with a Russian-sounding name" proves it's from Russia or Poland. Good detective work. If AV companies had named it Skynet, where would it have been from????

Total 5 comments
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