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Internet scam warning from Attourney General

Date: April 06, 2006

Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter is warning Hoosiers to watch for an official looking email that is using the Chase Bank name and is promising customers $20 for filling out an online survey.

Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter urges all Hoosiers to be on the lookout for an official looking email purporting to be from Chase bank and promising customers $20 for completing an online survey and providing personal information.

“Yet again technologically savvy identity thieves are tricking people into providing their personal account information and social security number through very official looking emails,” said Attorney General Steve Carter. “Hoosiers must guard their personal information the same as they would their purse or wallet and never give away information when solicited, no matter how enticing the offer.”

The email is addressed to a “Chase Bank Customer who has been chosen to participate in a quick survey”. By participating, the solicitation claims the customer will be rewarded with a $20 deposit into their bank account. If the consumer clicks on the link provided, they are taken to a website which looks similar to an authentic Chase webpage. A series of questions are followed by a prompt to provide online account access information, bank account numbers, and the last four digits of the social security number.
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