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Viruses create images

Date: March 06, 2006
By: Dorothy Shinn

We know what a virus is. You catch one, you come down with a cold, or as the medical practitioners would have it, an upper respiratory infection.

Most of us know what another kind of virus is -- the kind you can get on your computer that can wipe out all your data, what computer programmers call hell on Earth.

There's a great deal of similarity between the two types of viruses -- the biological one and the virtual one -- and it's nothing to sneeze at.

So if you thought that the term ``computer virus'' was just a metaphor, think again.

Better yet, go to the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown and see Joseph Nechvatal: Contaminations, a digital art exhibit on view through April 23 in its new Beecher wing.

Nechvatal teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and at Stevens Institute of Technology. He also writes periodically on art and new technology for Artforum, The Thing, Intelligent Agent, Tema Celeste and Zing.
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